Rubén Torices

Lecturer in Ecology

Área de Biodiversidad y Conservación
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
c/ Tulipán s/n.
E-28933. Móstoles (Madrid)
España – Spain

rubentorices at



My main research interest is the study of the evolution of reproductive strategies of plants. Reproductive strategies determine mating behaviour and gene transfer, and thus they are closely linked to plant fitness and evolutionary potential of populations. In particular, my research has been focused on how reproductive traits, such as plant sexual expression, flower and fruit traits have evolved in the history of flowering plants. More recently, I have been also focused on the role of biotic interactions as one of the major drivers shaping this extraordinary diversity of reproductive strategies in flowering plants. My goal is to continue my research of the evolutionary ecology of plant reproductive strategies, and include the role of plant social interactions as a main driver of reproductive traits in plants.